PCY (Peace Conference of Youth) is an event that brings together the worldfs students. It is an opportunity for todayfs global youths to exchange their ideas and share their experiences with others. We would like to invite 50 participants from around the globe and 50 from Japan to create an international circle of friendship.

PCY (Peace Conference of Youth) will create a chance for participants to live under the same roof for seven days. Through the limited time period, they will have a chance to discuss what they can do to create peace and the messages they hope to set forth to the world. This is an once-in-a-lifetime experience that we hope will enrich their lives.

PCY (Peace Conference of Youth) will not limit discussions to just the participants but give them a chance to share their thoughts openly. At the open forum, there will be a presentation, gMaterialization of Long-lasting Peace,h which is the culmination of their discussions. This forum will allow them to witness firsthand if their ideas survive the global standards.

PCY (Peace Conference of Youth) has created a program with many opportunities for enrichment. At the PrePCY (the pre-conference program) young peace activists will share their experiences of working to promote global peace. By listening to speakers who are currently working in the field, participants will learn the process of peace activism from leading professionals.

PCY (Peace Conference of Youth) fully supports young leaders in helping them become independent, active promoters of peace. The program will become a supportive place for motivated students to come together from around the world all in the name of peace.

  • 2009.12.25