PCY 2016 ホームページを開設しました(PCY 2016 website is opened)

PCY 2016 website is opened.

We will accept your application soon.


【About Entry Form】

Publication of the entry form was over.


【Important Information about the result of the selection】

Although we announced acceptance notification was finished in period of July 3-6, we need more time to decide it. The notification will be finished in period of July 8-16. Thank you for understanding.


【Important Information about closing applications】

Thank you very much for many applications in PCY2015. We closed applications at 14:00 July 3.We started the selection from June 16. Acceptance notification was already announced for a few applicants and it will be finished in period of July 3-6. In addition, we will report the result on this site as soon as all of the notification will be finished. Thank you.


Important Information about changing the schedule

We inform you of the change in schedule due to some reasons in management.
I apologize to everyone who had already made plans with PCY.
Program for students living in Japan at June 28 and July 4 was canceled.

◇ Extension of the closing date
The application period will be extended to June 30 due to a change in the schedule.
The result of screening will be announced at any time after June 16th.
Completion of all of the screening is scheduled for mid-July.


Important Information

A defect occurred to an application from June 1 to 10:30 June 3.
The person who applied a period at 10:30 June 3 from June 1
Please apply again.


Selection is proceeding now.

Dear students who sent us an application

Thank you very much for your application.
We appreciate that you are waiting for examination outcome of the 2014 PCY program.

All applications are being processed now, and going to need more time to inspect.
We will send you an e-mail to tell you the result by July 8th.

Thank you very much for your cooperation.

Yours sincerely,

JCI Osaka
PCY team 2014


Important Information

Although the application deadline was May 29, it will be extended to June 15th for the purpose to have more student applications. Therefore, acceptance notification will be announced after June 16th. Thank you for your understanding.



Important Information

Due to a bug in the server, the case that some entry has not been accepted had occurred.
Sorry to trouble you, but, to everyone it is an entry until today the 14th (16:00), thank you for entry again. Sorry by you over the inconvenience.




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