Peace Conference of Youth 2012

An amazing opportunity to meet student peers from around the globe

The PCY (Peace Conference of Youth), is an event for college students from prominent
universities across the globe. The conference will provide the students with an
opportunity to share thoughts and opinions with each other about the current state
of world affairs.

PCY 2012: Taking focused action

There are various approaches towards the achievement of world peace, but common to all
of them is the essential element of sustainability.

Like businesses that require sustainable operations to survive, social agendas?require similar sustainable mechanisms for continued growth and awareness. The?sustainable mechanism promoted for the PCY 2012 plan of action is to create genuine?bonds and ties, which we believe rests at the foundation for a sustainable world?peace.

In recent years, society has supported the notion that businesses to take responsibility
in seeking solutions to social problems. As a result, successful companies and
small businesses have made alleviating social problems an important part of their
agendas through expansion into areas where their services are most needed.

Positive awareness, cooperation, and planning is integral to reaching our goals.
At PCY 2012, we will challenge participants to create business plans, gather contributors,
and produce other content to support “a sustainable mechanism for the realization
of world peace”. Exceptional business plans with a clear roadmap towards finding
solutions will be considered for implementation and support from real companies
with aims to solve social problems.

A five-day experience of sharing and discovery.

The PCY (Peace Conference of Youth) provides quality time for participants to share
opinions, debate ideas, and form genuine bonds with each other. The multinational
gathering of students will spend five days with peers from around the world. It
should prove to be an enriching experience that will be both memorable and exciting.

An open presentation of ideas and concepts.

The PCY is not intended to be a closed debate. Ideas and proposals generated by the
groups will be presented in an open discussion environment to discover the best
ways to achieve “lasting peace on Earth”. It will be an environment to gauge opinions
and make connections.

A program rich with learning.

The PCY (Peace Conference of Youth) provides an opportunity for students
during the pre-event activities to learn about a number of different
programs.* Invited students will participate in activities that promote
contributing to international peace, and presentations that can reveal
pathways to deeper understanding.* They will learn that by working together
and building new bonds and ties, the achievement of world peace is
completely possible.

Free admission for fostering the worldユs youth.

The PCY (Peace Conference of Youth) will aid in the development of leadership skills
and promote proactive traits to realize world peace, all without an admission
charge to participants. It will provide an open environment for students from
all over to the world to gather and discover the path to a bright global future.

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