Peace Conference of Youth 2013 世界では食から派生する問題に苦しんでいる 食は生命を維持する為に最も必要なもの 問題に取り組み生命は救われる 救われた命はさらに他の者の生命を救う循環となります Peace Conference of Youth 2013

Regarding Imposter:

Recently we have had some PCY friends receiving false information that they have been accepted to PCY 2013. We would like to inform that we are extremely anguished that someone is trying to imposter us, and providing false information, and extremely regret that someone is trying to undermine us.

The false sender is under the name of Wau Ling Shu. S/he is not affiliated with PCY, nor do we know who the person is.

The participants for PCY2013 have already been confirmed, and there will be no additions. No exceptions are made. All participants have already been informed on July 1st. Our participants are already confirmed, and will not change.

We hope for your continued support, and please email/inform us regarding any information at

Thank you and best regards,

PCY Team

What is PCY?

The PCY (Peace Conference of Youth) is a program to aim cultivating leaders who can take proactive actions and use their initiative for the achievement of world peace. Junior Chamber International Osaka (JCI Osaka) provides an opportunity for students from all over the world to learn and discover world peace, and to reach a conclusion of what needs to be done for world peace. We wish the students to be the leaders to build international network for seeking world peace and to spread the movement globally.

PCY 2013: Focused Action

There are various approaches towards the achievement of world peace, but common to all of them is the essential element of sustainability.
All problems arise out of people’s interest and it brings disparity. The disparity creates problems in many places in the world. Especially the food problem is the most severe matter to maintain life. The lives saved by solving food problem will save other lives and its circulation of life will be the resolution to all the root cause.
The PCY 2013 focuses actions to actualize the circulation of life which is the basis of world peace. The students will discuss the subject “Building up a system to solve various problems derived from food problem”, and challenge to make project plans and bring them into actions.

Wonderful opportunity to meet students from all over the world

The PCY is an event with students from all over the world. Participants can feel what thoughts the students have and what they are carrying out. Applicants are from major universities and colleges from all over the world. This opportunity will enable you to make friends who bring great influence in the future.

A five-day experience of sharing and discovery

The PCY is not intended to be a closed debate. Ideas and proposals generated by the groups will be presented in an open discussion environment to discover the ways to achieve “lasting peace on Earth”. It will be an environment to gauge opinions and make connections.

Learning with rich programs

The PCY provides an opportunity for students to learn about a number of different programs during the pre-event activities. Guest speakers will be invited for learning more about contribution to international peace as preparation at pre-PCY. Participants will be able to picture ideal world by learning what is actually done in the real world. Discussion at pre-PCY will be deepened by sharing knowledge and experience with students from different countries. All the participants build up ideas and proposals by working together and the problem-solving plans will be implemented.

Free admission, fostering the world’s youth

The PCY will aid in the development of leadership skills and promote proactive traits to realize world peace, all without an admission charge to participants. It will provide an open environment for students from all over the world to gather and discover the path to a bright global future.

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