PCY Schedule

Important Notice

  • ● Students living in Japan (Japanese/International Students) must be able to attend all of the followings:
    2nd August Pre-PCY
    22nd–30th August PCY 2015
    22nd-24th August Experience Programme
  • ● Students from outside Japan must be able to attend following:
    24th-30th August PCY2015
  • ● Download Entry Form from the link below. Entry Form must be completed and sent when making an on-line application.
  • ● Any application submitted after the deadline will be rejected.
  • ● Only the selected applicants can attend PCY Programs. You may not assign anybody else to attend the program.
  • ● Participants will be asked to cooperate in JCI public relations (Participants and their information such as names and attending university/college names, and their photos may appear in various media).
We have stopped receiving applications for foreign students abroad.
However we are still waiting for applications
for foreign exchange students in Japan.

PCY Application

  1. Applicant must be between the age of 18 and 25 on 1st April 2015.
  2. Former participants may not apply.
  3. Students living in Japan: Must be able to attend all of the following:
    Pre-PCY, 2nd August
    PCY 2015, 22nd–30th August
    Experience Program, 22nd-24th August

Students from outside Japan must be able to attend the following:
PCY 2015, 24th–30th August

  • Applicant must be able to complete payment of participation fee before the due date.

Participation Fee


PCY provide strong support towards the fostering of young leaders for realization of world peace. We thrive in providing places and opportunities to students from around the world and allow them to tackle such problems. In keeping to this, JCI OSAKA will cover most of the following expenses.

Transportation Expense

● Transport expense during the PCY programmes.

● Transport expense to the meeting location in Osaka (for students living in Japan only.)

● Travel expense to Japan for Students from outside Japan

Accommodation & Food Expense

● Accommodation expense (for hotels organized by JCI OSAKA)

● Food expense (for breakfast, lunch and dinner provided by JCI OSAKA)

The results for the selection

The results for the selection of participants will be sent after 16th June where the individuals will receive a confirmation form. Within a week after you receive a confirmation form, the confirmation form must be signed by the applicant and returned in pdf file and the participation fee must be paid to the designated bank account. Failure to return the confirmation form by the due date, JCI OSAKA will assume the applicant will not be attending. Any cancellation after submitting the confirmation form will incur a cancellation charge.

Application Deadline30th June 2015 (for all applicants)How to apply Submit on-line application Handling of personal information

● Information will not be provided to any third party and will not be used for other purposes

● We are unable to return any document provided to us.

● For detailed information on our policy, please refer to:

Please refer to “PCY Schedule” and “Important Notice”
before completing your application.
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  • PCY Archive
  • PCY2018募集スタート
  • PCY Activity Report
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