Summary of PCY 2015

This year’s theme
Solving poverty through a sustainable system!

Today there are roughly 1.5 billion people around the world living in multidimensional poverty. This is triggering at least two of the following problems; lack of education, poor health and inadequate living standards. These people have no gateway to basic Social Services, no access to the free market and no appropriate support from Government policies aimed to alleviate their poverty. To eradicate this issue, the need to address the exposure surrounding the vulnerability of poor people is crucial. Therefore, establishing a society which fosters continual social development from within, is seen as a hugely important component towards eradicating this problem.

This year’s aim

Sharpen your sensitivity and create new value!

This year, focusing on the problem of multi-dimensional poverty, participants learn from real world situations that surround the issue of poverty, exchanging unique perspectives and different sets of values from fellow participants from around the world. Participants will be placed in the heart of a region affected by poverty, where they will be challenged to directly tackle and solve issues in real life scenarios.The aim of PCY2015 is for the participants to generate an effective solution that directly responds to the situation through a change of mind set and the use of innovative ideas.

PCY 2015 Outline


Participants will learn and understand The Charter of PCY and how problems in the world are linked to your everyday life.


This year, participants are expected to visit Cambodia in our core programme. As part of the preparation work, participants will learn about the current issues in Cambodia and its historic background.

Experience program (training)

Seven days of unforgettable experience.
Participants will spend the total of seven days with students from around the world in Cambodia and Osaka. In Cambodia, participants have opportunities to speak with local people to find out their thoughts and the day-to-day realities that they face. On returning to Osaka, participants then discuss, share ideas and construct a plan which fosters continual social development from within, to eliminate the exposure that surrounds the vulnerability of poor people. Also, through the combined contribution of students from different countries, each bringing varying ideas and cultural and social attitudes, participants will learn to work together to develop better more considered solutions.


Participants are expected to present to the public what they have learned during PCY. In the audience there will be corporations and organizations that are making their own contributions to social development. Participants are anticipated to develop a mindset required for leaders who can bring changes to the world.

PCY Forum

PCY members will primarily work in their own country and review their activities on a monthly basis to ensure that their actions achieve the desired results. Participants can be confident that every contribution they make, however big or small it may seem, is changing the world for the better.


PCY2015 Schedule
15th April 2015
30th June 2015
Start Participant Selection
40 Participants selected for PCY
2nd August 2015 Pre-PCY
(For Japanese students)
22nd August 2015
30thAugust 2015
Core PCY Programme
(For Japanese and international students)
22ndAugust 2015
25thAugust 2015
Experience Programme (Visiting Cambodia)
(For Japanese and international students)

Past PCY Participants

By University/College
Kansai Gaidai University Kansai Gakuin Universiry Kansai University Kio University
Kinki University Kyushu University Keio University Tokyo Metropolitan University
Osaka University of Economics and Law Osaka Prefecture University Oita University Tsuda College
The University of Tokyo Tokyo University of Science Doshisha Women’s College of Liberal Arts Doshisha University
Nihon University Mukogawa Women’s University Fukushima National College of Technology Nagoya University
Meiji University Rikkyo University Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University Ritsumeikan University
Wakayama Medical University Wakayama University    
By Country
Japan Korea China Vietnam
Cambodia Thailand Indonesia Australia
Tajikistan Albania Turkey Russia
Poland France Egypt Botswana
Canada Mexico    

Value Re-Discovering Program:
We believe spending time together with fellow participants from different countries, participants will develop a spirit of mutual understanding and learn to act with the consideration of others.

Experience Program:
The program focuses on the impact of hands-on experience in developing regions, allowing participants to build a stronger connection to the world. This aims to allow participants develop a stronger sense of initiative and leadership in tackling the problems.

PCY Group Work Program:
Representatives made up from different countries will work in groups to discuss themes relating to the realization of world peace. The groups will produce presentation material on their proposals, which will be used in the main PCY forum.

PCY Main Forum:
Participants work in groups to define what is necessary for realizing world peace and present their ideas. Through discussions, participants aggregate ideas and work towards establishing a proposal for world peace, from the representation of students from around the world.

The 2015 PCY application process seeks to select students who excel with the ability to take action, execute plans, communicate effectively, and to create connections that will expand the reach of the PCY.

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