Greetings from the President

We are pleased to announce that Junior Chamber International Osaka (JCI Osaka) will host the Peace Conference of Youth (PCY) Program this year, in what will be their sixth annual program.

This year, we have been working hard towards making Osaka the place for the creation of new values.

To realize the aspiration for “Lasting World Peace”, we need people who can create and offer new value towards bringing positive change to the world.

Through the experience of different sets of values and circumstances currently existing in various countries, exposure to different cultures, and working towards the public’s best interests through the experience of social contribution, it enables one to be better equipped in creating and offering new solutions.

PCY hopes the programme will cultivate the next generation of leaders, brave with a pioneering spirit, and one who does not fear making the big decisions to bring new changes to the world.

We would like to invite students to take apart in this opportunity to share experiences, discuss thoughts and ideas, and mature with the new friendships built.

The programme will be held between June and July, where applicants will be taken through the journey towards building an international mindset. This will be followed up by pre-PCY and PCY meetings in August. I hope all students coming to Osaka and participating in this programme will develop trusting relationships with other participants, become leaders of the next generation, creating and offering new value in the hope that we can bring positive change to the world.

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