Theme of PCY 2016 -Wave Of Happiness-
What is PCY?

The Purpose of the PCY(Peace Conference of Youth)is to encourage students to be proactive in the realization of world peace, and foster a sense of responsibility as the next generation go world leaders. Sponsored by JCI Osaka, the programs aims to teach students more about the concept of world peace, and how they can use the information to take the future into their own hands.

Global issues intervened between every countries and people made by pursuing selfish happiness that conflict the others.
The gap between the haves and have-not is still bigger and larger.
However, sensitivity and kindness are the way to building strong relationships that bridge the gap and would be the key to solve global issues.
Faithful heart we should have and grow by oneself then the relationships last longer.

PCY2016 will promote the ideas for members of PCY to build a “Wave of Happiness” throughout the world, by proposing to implement plans related to water issues that the world is currently facing.

Why water ?

Water management is the key to achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).The SGDs,are meant to guide investments and social policy to end poverty and hunger, and to sustainably steward the earth’s natural resources.

PCY 2016 Outline


Participants will learn and understand.


Though lectures, discussion groups, presentation, and reviews with PCY members in the past, Domestic students will gather to refine the basis of participation with PCY and water issues that the world is currently facing.

Experience program (training)

All Students will spent five days living together, sharing experience and learning.
and will discover commonalities and differences, debate ideas, and build proposal for the water issues together.
In PCY Main Forum, participants will present the results obtained from sharing and planning session.
The goal is to expand on your “Wave of Happiness”, and enhance it through presentations and lectures form guest speakers


PCY2016 Schedule
11th April 2016
11th May 2016
Start Participant Selection
11th May 2016
31th May 2016
40 Participants selected for PCY
18th June 2016
2nd July 2016
3rdJuly 2016
PCY 1st Session
(For Domestic Students)
30thAugust 2016
2ndSeptember 2016
(For International and Domestic)
3rdSeptember 2016 PCY forum
(For International and Domestic)

Past PCY Participants

By University/College
Kansai Gaidai University Kansai Gakuin Universiry Kansai University Kio University
Kinki University Kyushu University Keio University Tokyo Metropolitan University
Osaka University of Economics and Law Osaka Prefecture University Oita University Tsuda College
The University of Tokyo Tokyo University of Science Doshisha Women’s College of Liberal Arts Doshisha University
Nihon University Mukogawa Women’s University Fukushima National College of Technology Nagoya University
Meiji University Rikkyo University Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University Ritsumeikan University
Wakayama Medical University Wakayama University    
By Country
Japan Korea China Vietnam
Cambodia Thailand Indonesia Australia
Tajikistan Albania Turkey Russia
Poland France Egypt Botswana
Canada Mexico    
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