Greetings from the President

JCI Osaka
The 66th President Sentaro Shirosaka

JCI Osaka are engaging in the various activities every day with holding up an ideal of realizing Osaka through Sincere Co-Creation.
“Sincere.”  It is with a sincere heart that one can be aware of their environment, accept all challenges, and be effective
in the pursuit to make advancements in society.
We must continue to be at the center for the notion of co-creation, with a sincere spirit of societal contribution.
Our town Osaka has an advantage to keep “Identity” it is really likened to Sincere, which is created by amicable acceptance diversities
from ancient and spiritual nature of peaceful nation after the World War II.
It’s high time to contribute to the world peace which we can do best to build up problem solution model supporting each other beyond borderline
and disseminate it to all over the world.
We host PCY 1st on June 18th, July 2nd, 3rd. then we host PCY from August 30th to September 3rd.
We look forward to all of the participants who makes to be linked by a strong relationship of trust, and empathy to a lot of people have thought of the students,
to become a person that students can contribute to the world peace.

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