Summary of PCY 2018


Access to health care services by people living in developing countries has improved in recent years, but the disparities between social classes are getting more prominent.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), around 150 million people in the world are forced to pay the medical expenses that households will collapse, of which 100 million people are living below the poverty line because of that.

Social security expenditures are expanding year by year in Japan, and it is expected to get more because the population structure has changed such as a declining birthrate and increasing an aging population.And after that, the social security system including the nationwide insurance system will become more difficult to sustainably manage in the future.

To solve such the problems whole the world facing, we must listen to different opinions and have a generous mind to accept it.

By considering other people with an obedient heart and cooperating with solving the problem of the world, we believe that world peace is going to realize truly and our mind will be handed over the next generation.

This year’s aim

Focus on the global healthcare issues and build a mechanism to solve problems.

From 17 SDGs targets, we will make the recommendations for Goal 3, which has aimed of solving the problems in health and medical field this year.

At the Osaka Expo, which aims to attract 2025, set “diversity at the same time, physical and mentally healthy way of living” as the sub-theme and it is expected that we all have to think our own way to live for our healthy life.

“Healthy way of living” is defined as “a state that is all satisfied physically, mentally and socially” by WHO.

Developing countries has not still stable health system for providing insurance medical services so that they can not prevent the spread of infectious diseases, and it has been an obstacle to UHC realization.

We would not say the improvement and prevention of lifestyle habits is adequate, and deaths rate from non-infectious diseases (NCD) have been increasing in all developing countries.

There are also health problems such as tightness of medical finance and obesity in developed countries. Health and medical issues can be said to be one of the most important theme in realizing a sustainable world.

In the 2018 PCY project, by thinking about how to secure the healthy living for people and promote welfare in a global perspective view, we will approach the goal of SDGs and also solve problems about the health and sanitation which has been prescribed in the world peace charter, then We will grow up innovative leaders to contribute to world peace.


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20th July 2018
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21th July 2018
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3rdSeptember 2018
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9thSeptember 2018 PCY forum
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