Greetings from the President

JCI Osaka
The 66th President Tetsunosuke Takeda

We Junior Chamber International Osaka are delighted to hold Peace Conference of Youth (PCY) which has been held eighth time until this year.
This year, We Junior Chamber International Osaka is working on the realization of our slogan “BREAK THROUGH OSAKA”, which brings everyone the great progress and the harmonity by the next innovation.

To realize a world of true permanent world peace, that is, to realize a world in which all people can pursue happiness both materially and spiritually, We’ll need to extend the Japanese mind, which is like accepting everything without any hesitation, to the world then create the next innovation.
To that end, It is necessary to grow up next leaders who take proud of our own country and region where we were born,
recognize new technologies to advance humanity,
have strong mind for bringing a new value from the fusion of different things
have a responsibility for the future of the world
try to realize the world where everyone can pursue happiness through the next innovation.

We would like participant students to take PCY program as the valuable chance to get along with new colleagues from all over the world, discuss a lot of things, understand each other, act together, and grow up.

We’ll hold PCY opening ceremony in April, a virtual conference with overseas students in June, overseas program in August, and PCY forum program in September.
We hope sincerely young people gathering in Osaka are going to make deep trust relationship,
create “new value” that brings about better changes to the world,
and become the leaders next generation fo rworld peace.

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