About PCY (Peace Conference of Youth)

PCY program is aimed at growing up the leaders who take action proactivity and positively for the world peace. We Junior Chamber International Osaka Invite students who are responsible for the next generation from all over the world, learn about the world peace and give opportunities to get noticed so that they could have them think what they need for the world peace. And, by making full use of the international network of members who have participated in the PCY program which has began in 2010, we will have sustained activities towards the realization of permanent the world peace.

PCY features: New friends all around the world

PCY (Peace Conference of Youth) is a meeting place where students from all over the world gather Students all over the world can experience what they are thinking about “now” and running with aim. We are recruiting students in prominent universities from all over the world. The encounter here will be a companion who will influence future students as they live.

Learn a lot of things by abundant programs

PCY (World Student Peace Conference) offers many learning opportunities with abundant programs. PCY in 2018, we will start with an opening ceremony for Japanese students in April, then conduct overseas programs while summer holidays, and in September international students chosen from all over the world will also participate in, so that we could share various values, knowledge and experiences to make them more deepen by discussion.
At the end, we will prepare recommendations for the realization of world peace together and make a presentation in front of audience at the Peace Conference Forum.

Free admission, fostering the world’s youth

PCY (World Student Peace Conference) will provide you with not only the closed discussions of participants. You have a chance to know about what many other people think about your idea. You will make a presentation in public open forum. You will talk about what you would organise your thoughts for realization of permanent world peace, which we have discussed and created through the program. And you will be able to realize if your idea and opinion would make an influence everyone or it wouldn’t be still enough.

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