The Charter of PCY

We, the members of the Peace Conference of Youth, resolve
to work together in a spirit of unity and solidarity, to fully take advantage
of the opportunity to share knowledge and ideas with all other members, to include
all members in supportive dialogue, to maintain an outlook of open-mindedness,
flexibility, and eagerness to listen to others, to approach our fellows with respect
and empathy, embracing both differences and compromise, and to act with confidence,
optimism, initiative, and responsibility. We commit as individuals to active participation
in the PCY community, to sharing our experiences and values with our communities
and around the world, and to continuing the work of peace-building and open dialogue.

We pledge to protect and promote human rights, devoting our attention to the specific
issues we currently find most serious in the world:

●Conflict and Weapons ● Development and Poverty ● Environment
● Governance ● Health ● Rights of the Vulnerable

To address these issues in the pursuit of world peace, we resolve to enhance open
dialogue in the spirit of mutual understanding, tolerance, and cooperation; improve
access to and quality of both formal and informal education, informed by a dedication
to the development of personality and self-actualization; support job creation
and vocational training; enhance participation in society of the underrepresented
and disadvantaged; coordinate efforts in order to use resources responsibly and
avoid redundancy; incentivize social responsibility and environmental consciousness
of all actors, including individuals, civil society, corporations, and governments;
develop and invest in innovative and sustainable technologies; and initiate and
support efforts toward the prevention and resolution of armed conflicts.

We will forge a partnership between alumni and future conference participants,
and develop and expand forums of communication for the realization and enrichment
of a cohesive community. We empower ourselves to be leaders in the furtherance
of our values, at all levels of society, motivating and organizing others to advocate
and act alongside us in our pursuit of peace.

2010.11.7 PCY 2010 Participants

私たち、Peace Conference of Youth (PCY) のメンバーは、団結と連帯の精神にのっとり共に行動すること、他の全てのメンバーと知識やアイディアを共有するための機会を十二分に活かすこと、対話を促進すべく全てのメンバーが発言すること、開かれた心と柔軟さを持って他者の意見に熱心に耳を傾けること、相違と譲歩の双方を受け入れながら、尊敬と共感を持って私たちの仲間と接すること、そして信頼、楽観、率先、責任を持って実行することをここに宣言します。私たちは、一人ひとりの個人として、“PCYコミュニティ”において積極的に参加すること、私たちのコミュニティや世界中の仲間と共に、自身の経験や価値観を共有すること、そして平和構築と開かれた意見交換の場を展開・継続することを、ここに表明します。


● 紛争と兵器 ● 開発と貧困 ● 環境
● ガバナンス ● 保健衛生 ● 弱者の権利



2010.11.7 PCY 2010 参加メンバー 一同

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