About PCY (Peace Conference of Youth)

 PCY aims to cultivate leaders who can take proactive action to achieve world peace. This Conference, hosted by the Junior Chamber International Osaka (JCI Osaka), brings together aspiring youth invited from around the world, providing them an opportunity to learn, discuss and share ideas for achieving world peace. Working with the international network of participants from past conferences, going back as far as 2010, individuals can engage in activities focused towards the realization of lasting World Peace.

Our theme for 2015 – Education needed for sustainable growth

Today there are about 1.5 billion people around the world living in multidimensional poverty, that is causing at least two of the following problems; lack of education, poor health and inadequate living standards. These people have no gateway to basic Social Services, no access to the free market and no appropriate support from Government policies aimed to alleviate their poverty. To eradicate this issue, the need to address the exposure surrounding the vulnerability of poor people is crucial. Therefore, establishing a society which fosters continual social development from within, is seen as a hugely important component towards eradicating this problem.

Wonderful opportunity to meet  students from all over  the world

PCY is an event where students from across the globe can get together to make a difference. Providing a platform where individuals can exchange thoughts and ideas, gaining valuable perspective from the experiences of fellow participants from around the world. PCY is calling for participants from all the renowned Universities across the world. This will be a great opportunity to connect and make new friends who can bring a positive influence to your life.

Eight-day experience of sharing and discovery

PCY hopes to offer participants a fulfilling programme of days and once in a lifetime experience. Participants will spend seven days with students of similar age, and from other countries, and all the ingredients will be provided to allow individuals to engage in discussions, share ideas and realize their own potential.

Learning with rich programs

PCY provides partaking students with the opportunity to learn through programmes that are rich in content. As a part of the Cultivation Programme and pre-PCY meeting, guest speakers are invited to share and highlight the importance of making social contributions. Discussions will be deepened further by the sharing of values, knowledge and experience between the participants coming from all corners of the world. Working together, individuals will actively contribute towards developing a problem-solving action plan, which is to be presented in front of a large audience. This will be followed up by a process where participants will put the plan into practice.

Learning with rich programs

This year, applicants will visit the affected regions as a follow up to the Cultivation Programme and pre-PCY meeting. There will be opportunities to speak with local people, to find out their thoughts and the day-to-day realities that they face. This is organized so that participants are able to construct an effective and relevant proposal/action plan that directly responds to the situation. Individuals will be coordinating with the local Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO), and along with the continued communication with local people, participants will be able to gain a direct insight into the problem. This will help ensure the group is better equipped to construct a plan which fosters continual social development from within, to eliminate the exposure surrounding the vulnerability of poor people.

Free admission, fostering the world’s youth

PCY is not intended to be a closed discussion. The generated opinions and proposals for the realization of lasting world peace will be presented to the public. And from this, participants will see whether or not their opinions can make a widespread impact to the world.

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