About PCY (Peace Conference of Youth)

The Peace Conference of Youth program (PCY) hosted by Junior Chamber International Osaka (JCI Osaka) is held every year. It offers students a unique and valuable opportunity to meet the world’s youths and exchange ideas and perspectives in promoting GLOBAL PEACE. The program is open to both undergraduate and graduate students interested in social programs.

PCY features: New friends all around the world

The PCY is an event with students from all over the world. Participants can feel what thoughts the students have and what they are carrying out. Applicants are from major universities and colleges from all over the world. This opportunity will enable you to make friends who bring great influence in the future.

A program rich with learning.

The PCY provides an opportunity for students to learn about a number of different programs.
Invited students will participate in activities that promote contributing internal peace, such as listening to speakers with real world experience, and presentations that can reveal pathways to deeper learning.
They will learn that by working together, the achievement go world peace is completely possible.

Free admission, fostering the world’s youth

PCY2016 is not only for you but for all the people wishing world peace.
The main program of PCY2016 is called PCY forum, presenting your plans and proposals on the stage in public, to share your heart with your pride.
We can’t wait to have all of you join us.

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